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YASUS AFARI  is widely considered to be the embodiment of a Jamaican cultural icon and, in fact, has frequently been described as one of our national treasures and International Jewel. He operates across many spheres of activity, which are grounded in, and informed and inspired  by his Rastafarian Faith and Livity and the concept of “One Earth, One Love, One Humanity.”

Yasus has combined education with entertainment, which he was the first to  dub “edutainment”, and has used this as a tool to deliver this message to the world of reggae music as well as to the international community, numerous schools and the youth in many countries, over 40,  in which he has worked or traveled. However, he is perhaps best known as a premier exponent of the indigenous Jamaican literary and musical form called Dub Poetry, which is based on Jamaican reggae music and the Jamaican language and culture.

Yasus Afari has released seven albums 1. Dance Hall Baptism, 2. Mental Assassin, 3. Honour - Crown HIM, 4.Gift of Vision - Yasus Afari & Friends 5. Revolution Chapter 1, 6. Kiss Mi Neck and the current and unprecedented 7th album intriguingly titled,  AncientFuture. He has published two books 1. Eye Pen and 2. Overstanding Rastafari - Jamaica's Gift to the World.

Yasus Afari is a social entrepreneur who has positivity to conquered the shackles and challenges of poverty, ignorance and injustice; quickening and awakening vigilant, visionary and revolutionary vibrations through words, sounds and power, in action. Accordingly, he has developed many annual Edutainment events such as Yasus Afari and Friends, Garnet Silk Earthday Bash, Rebel Salute, Poetry in Motion, The Pomedy Show and Jamaica Poetry Festival, among others.

In Jamaica, the Caribbean and internationally, Yasus is also considered as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Rastafari, as represented by its religious precepts and way of life (Livity). This is due largely to his organic spirituality, his creativeand articulate methods of expounding on Rastafari Livity. Ambassador Yasus Afari is Jamaica's and Rastafari's first and only ambassador to the globally reconnized, Parliament of the World's Religions (PWR) at which he presented the groundbreaking paper; ' Rastafari The Livity of Spirituality', in Melbourne Australia (2009).  In the mean time Yasus Afari, The Traveling Poet, Author and Edutainer keeps his focus on being the Rasta-Reggae World Traveller, heralding his mantra, One Earth, One Love, One Humanity.

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