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My Poetry

I have written a book of my poetry called "I Pen" and published it. Sometimes I perform my poems in Jamaican, the language of Jamaica.

Patwa Taakin
Now a Miss Lou baaye fi get de Govenor General
Just fi pop some lingua pon wi i-land
Soh that de whole wide wol could a must understand
The gut and de gall of wi situation
Fi know sey, Patwah is de language of wi fore father
That was taken away from the land of Africa
Soh noh big up the bwoy named backra massa
Fah is yu dis yu kultcha, yu curry favour ina de ….

Patwa taakin ……….

(c) Taken from “I Pen” by Yasus Afari

One of my best known poems is "The Earth is our Friend" and I have performed it all around the world. I performed it at the Parliament of the World's Religions.

      (Garden of Creation)

The earth is the garden of creation
Purposefully clothed with lush, green vegetation.
Firm enough to prevent critical soil erosion,
All elements working in union,
For natural joy and satisfaction.
The earth is a friend, we are the friends of the earth

(c) Taken from “I Pen” by Yasus Afari



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