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A pen picture - a portrait of  YASUS AFARI

As the celestial elements prevailed, an elderly couple travailed and laboured giving new life to a being as ancient as time immemorial. This event occurred at the dawn of the sixties in a mud house during a thunderstorm in the rustic hills of Rose Hall, in South East St Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Yasus Afari, meaning "Gift of Vision", was slow to speak in his early years and his concerned mother fed him from a gourd (calabash) giving him the power of speech.
Yasus had a penchant for music and poetry even as a child and by the time he was ten years old he had begun playing on cans and chanting to 'his music'. While growing up Yasus developed a keener interest in poetry and music and was known to recite poetry with passion and remarkable fluency. His love of poetry and music became his private fountain of energy and this interest inevitably fashioned his unique and inimitable style.

Yasus Afari skillfully shares his views encompassing then, now and in our ancient future. He works tirelessly to bring together peoples from the many backgrounds of our diverse world. He uses the insight of Rastafari principles as an example of a way of crossing the barriers that can create fear and hostility. Yasus is exceptionally capable of explaining his personal Rastafarian views and his profound Faith in Jah and he is able to articulate how he sees this as an indigenous response to the experience of slavery that was the 2007 focus of the Bi-Centenary of the Abolition of the Trans-Atlantic Trade in Africans.

In view of his global outlook, Yasus Afari represents the immortal vision of the ancient future, stimulating the revolutionary will to conquer poverty, ignorance and injustice, by releasing positive vibrations in harmony with words, sounds and power.

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