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Scroll down and I will introduce myself ....  but first ....

.... looking forward to 19th staging of 'Poetry in Motion' 26 02 2023 


Greetings! CLICK HERE to watch the 10th Anniversary edition of the Jamaica Poetry Festival.


With good memories from 2013 from the Jamaica Information Service!  Click Here


Now let me introduce myself .......

I am a Performance Poet, Author, Entrepreneur and Ambassador
for Rastafari and Shared Histories.

I am a Dub poet and a Reggae Artiste with my own band:check out this Gleaner article: "Dub Vijaan" and click here to hear one of our great tracks "Guide I & I".

I travel to many countries in the world, and I have many friends all over the world. I have been in the UK to support Black History Month activities since 2007, running Dub Poetry workshops in schools and colleges, and taking up invitations for residency opportunities and events across the UK.

Now of course travel is limited, but opportunities are not! 

Arrangements can be made through Learning Links International and I can join you for afternoon workshops on Zoom. 

As well as performing poetry, I also promote poetry events and this year the successful "Jamaica Poetry Festival" was staged in August virtually from Kingston, Jamaica. You can link through to watch at the top of this page. 

In the workshops I lead in schools and other organisations, I tell stories about living in Jamaica - as Jamaica became an independent country and I explain about our shared histories.

I use my poems to tell the story.  I bring education and entertainment together as "edutainment" so learning is fun and interesting!  In my sessions I also tell the story about Africa, where we all came from, and help my audiences to think about our shared history and our shared responsibilities.



We listen and learn, and we care and share, and we sing and dance! 

Now we have to be careful and to keep ourselves safe.

In Jamaica I introduced a new idea to the Ministry of Education for all schools to work with Culture Agents, so we could make sure that all Jamaican children understood our history and culture. I have worked as a Culture Agent ever since.

I also found that there were no books for children to use to study about Rastafari, so I took time out to write and publish my book "Overstanding Rastafari - Jamaica's Gift to the World" and I became an Ambassador for the Parliament of World Religions.

Contact Liz Millman at Learning Links International if you would like me to visit your school or organisation - to bring a flavour of Jamaica through edutainment and to learn about Black History - our Shared History.

Liz will be happy to discuss possibilities and make the arrangements.

Contact her at lizmillman@yahoo.co.uk

or use the feedback from this site.

You can also contact me at edutainmentpromo@yahoo.com

Honour and Love

Yasus Afari

One of my performance events: 


This photograph was taken when Lesley Ward, Head Teacher from Uplands Junior School in Wolverhampton and Liz Millman visited Cacoon Primary School and ASTEP Centre in Hanover, Jamaica, and met Principal Carol Grant and the teachers and children when we launched our "Building Bridges" poetry link.

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